Book Publishing Process Nashville TN

The Publishing Process


We bring the best talent in the business to the table, working with highly skilled editors who are experts in their field. A rich editorial process brings out the best of any book. Our editorial process is highly collaborative. You will know your editors by name and interact with them throughout the process. That is rarely true for most self-publishing companies and even some traditional publishers. Many authors feel they don’t need an editor and we agree; most books need three editors. A well-developed book will go through a substantive edit to structure the book and help with its flow and pace. It is this developmental edit that makes a good book great.


After the initial edit we typically do a copyedit. Copyediting, or line editing, is the work of sentence structure, word choice, eliminating repetition, and other details. Copyediting is often done by a different editor from the substantive editor because it is a different skill set. After the copyedit comes proofing. At a minimum, we do two rounds of professional proofreading for corrections and consistency: one round is done while the book is in manuscript form and one round after the book has been typeset.



As with editorial development, book design is a painstaking process, but the research, creative development, and collaboration between authors and designers is part of the joy of producing a great book. Influence Publishers works with professional book designers who understand the nuances of great graphic design and best practices for book publishing. Our designers have decades of experience producing the best looking and most effective cover and interior designs in the business.


Often a great book design and cover are what makes a book stand out from the competition. We research cover designs, titles, subtitles, and other cover copy to determine the best look for your book.


The interior design of the book is as important as the cover design, making the book come alive. Our team shines in this area as well, providing interior design, including graphics and illustrations.


E-Book Production

Our team has significant experience in creating quality ebooks that are designed and constructed to look great and function smoothly on all e-readers, even if the book is heavily footnoted or contains many images or hyperlinks.


Additionally, through our sister companies Academic Influence and Intelligent Education, we are connected to powerful research and education platforms. We have the capabilities to develop great websites and online courses in conjunction with the release of your book. We’d love to explore that with you.

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