About Us

Influence Publishers is an independent book publisher focused on nonfiction titles with a special interest in training, learning, teaching, and education, specifically related to high school and higher education. Our team is dedicated to partnering with authors to produce great books that succeed in the retail market space.


Influence Publishers follows a hybrid publishing model that blends the best practices of traditional publishing with more creative control and higher royalties for authors who invest in the development and marketing of their book.


We support authors through the entire publishing process, including editing, designing, sales and distribution, and marketing and publicity. What makes us unique is our commitment to our authors and our love of the process of great book publishing. We invite you into that process! Our team works collaboratively with authors. Questions and revisions are a normal and welcome part of our model, and we are able to provide the expertise you need to make the best possible decisions for your book.

The Publishing Process

We bring the best talent in the business to the table, working with highly skilled editors who are experts in their field.

Sales and Distribution

Influence Publishers works exclusively with Dexterity, a dedicated book distributor, to move our books worldwide.

Marketing and Publicity

The importance of a strong marketing plan for your book release cannot be overemphasized. That's where we come in.

Interested in publishing with us?