Book Marketing and Publicity Services Nashville TN

Marketing and Publicity

The importance of a strong marketing plan for your book release cannot be overemphasized. Hundreds of books are published each day, but if no one knows about your book, sales will be non-existent. That’s where Influence Publishers comes in.


Every book is different and in turn, the way each is marketed is different in order to maximize demand for each work. An out-of-the-box self-publishing package is rarely sufficient in bringing significant recognition to a book. Instead, strategic planning is key. Our team works to build an audience through social media engagement, author interviews, press releases, outreach to influencers, and targeted advertising, among others. We also have the ability to build related products, such as websites and online courses.


While strategic planning works in the majority of new book releases, we do recognize that there are times when getting to market quickly is important to seizing an opportunity. At Influence Publishers we have the ability and skill to move quickly when needed, as well as the wisdom to plan strategically to get the most exposure and momentum for book sales.

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